Bio: I'd like to call myself a care-free, light-hearted and a free-spirited being.I also have a side that's the intense go-getter kinds although it's been dormant for a while now. Currently, I'm kicking the dust dust off my shoes to soon and getting my hands on some amazing things which I shall keep updating on my blog. With this blog, I simply want to pen down my thoughts on how I view the world through my lens. I'd love to zoom in, zoom out, do the 'post-processing' based on your comments and along this odyssey/ along the way/on this trip I aim to continually better my skills at 'composition' so that each picture in life looks perfect as it is, not needing any edits/processing. These NotesToSelf and the outcomes it brings would serve me as a muse for all of my 'WhatNext' in life.

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